Sunday, October 19, 2008

Latest Reader Stats

The Woolly Way has been up and running for nearly its 1st month. Thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch with us, feeding us info on textile happenings from around the country, and also to our Readers! When starting the blog, we were trying to think of our readers, how many and what sort we would have. We wanted to put a visible statistics counter up on the blog, but were a little bit afraid. How could we promote the blog as a Textile Community when we could have a low counter reading ....2 readers.... So, we went with sitemeter, as its quite a discreet counter. But to our surprise, over the past month, we have had a great response and actually have some International readers!

Here are our readers stats to date:

Ireland 65% USA 12% UK 12% Holland 3%
2% Singapore 1% Germany 1% Unknown 4%

What a nice surprise! So, we are no longer a bit scared to publicly show our readers statistics, we are going to display them proudly! We have now added the stat counter ClustrMaps, it means our counter starts at the zero again, but it will be nice to see whos reading our little blog...

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