Monday, October 27, 2008

New Maps

We recently came across a great map which has been created by Liz Plummer. Liz is a Textile Artist that lives in Wales, and she has created a map of Textile Museums from around the world. What a great resource, you can find the map here or in our Textile Map section. She also had a link up to a map of Textile Museums in France created by the Association of French Patchwork, so we have added that to our map listings as well.

Liz has kindly put a link to the Woolly Way Map, which is still a bit under-dressed, so please help us fill in the gaps! We, however, will not link up to any shop, museum, or person without their knowledge, so if there is something in your area, you can either email us the details and we will contact them, or why not be our ambassador and ask on out behalf. It means the map building is slow, but we like to think we are being polite...

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