Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Wrapped in Love'

ISANDS is a voluntary organisation, founded in 1983 by a group of bereaved parents whose babies died before or at birth (stillbirth) or some time after birth (neonatal death).

They are currently running a Wrapped-in-Love, a campaign to supply all Hospitals in Ireland, with burial outfits and wraps for babies. These tiny outfits will be given to Maternity Hospitals and Units throughout Ireland and will offer parents the opportunity to have something really unique and special for their tiny babies.

If there are any ladies, gents, knitting/sewing clubs or groups who might like to get involved in this project please get in touch with ISANDS. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it You might also know of a local group like the I.C.A. or Active Retirement Group who might be interested in this worthwhile project, let ISANDS know or better still you could ask them on their behalf.

Tel: Ron on 01 872 6996

We can make a difference ... can you image what these beautiful little outfits and wraps could mean to any parent whose tiny baby waits to be wrapped in love

Patterns are available on the ISANDS website
There is an ISANDS group on Ravelry, where you can chat and share patterns, tips and hints.

How it all began:

Some time ago a parent showed me a photograph of her tiny little baby boy who was born too soon. A precious keepsake. It is one of those moments when you realise how fragile life is and how sacred. Bearing that in mind, to my horror and that of this little boys mum and dad, Jamie was wrapped in a blue J-Cloth. Yes, this tiny little human being was presented to his parents wrapped in a J-Cloth. How sad, how shamefully sad.

It makes me so very angry to think that someone could see that there was a place for a J-Cloth in those very few sacred moments of memories. This mum and Dad had other children who knew they were going to have a new brother and did not get to see Jamie after his birth. The photograph of Jamie was then to play a vital role in their memories and their grief for Jamie. All we could offer as an organisation was to edit the J-Cloth from the photo and replace it with a more appropriate wrap. It worked and so ‘Wrapped in love¹ was also born.

An appeal to make tiny wraps or clothes for tiny babies was highlighted, the idea being to supply maternity hospitals and units throughout the country so that every parent in the future will have the opportunity pick a little wrap or garment to wrap their baby in love.

Since this other parents have come forward and said that their tiny babies were presented to them in kidney dishes, cardboard boxes, paper hand-towels. As a tribute to their short lives we must ensure that –‘Wrapped in love’ is a successful venture and that someone will always see it worthwhile and that a stitch in time - can be for a life-time.

Nov. 2008
We now have hundreds of beautiful little items coming into the charity. We have sized, packed and labelled each item and already these are being used in the hospital for newly bereaved parents. The response is overwhelming and the parents can't believe that some has made this little item for them.
I write to ask you if any of your contacts might be interested in being part of this worthwhile project.

If they might be interested in a few hours dedicated to a lifetime of love. You can make contact with me through or phone our main line - 01 872 6996.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ron Smith-Murphy
National Chairperson, ISANDS


Stitchlily said...

I have made a few things for ISANDS. I dont have much spare money I can give to charity, but by making a few of these small items, by donating a little bit of time and wool, I know I am helping someone. Its a lovely project and well done to ISANDS for organising it, I wish them best of luck in their campaign.

eimearee said...

I've just sent my first package to ISANDS - tiny blankets with tiny hats. I hope to make more when I have knitting time to spare.
The first time I read about this appeal, I cried, while in work, sitting at a computer desk. i immediately decided that something that moves me this much deserves my contribution.

Jenny said...

I learned such a lot from the new ISANDS website, I must admit I shed a few tears too. The Wrapped in Love appeal touches my heart deeply and I started to knit and crochet tiny items for ISANDS straight away. I've made two small blankets with matching "keepsake" squares and two little burial wraps so far.

Fish said...

I've been making items for ISANDS since the beginning of this year. I concentrate on clothes for tiny premies as parents cannot find anything to buy for them in the shops (even if they are in a fit state to go out and try), there just isn't anything... so I think there's a real need here. These are the only clothes these babies will ever were, so I think they deserve something beautiful.


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