Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2009, we hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

The fairy lights are being packed away, the thank-you notes posted, and the plans for 2009 are coming together. Here are a few ideas we have had so far...

  • We are going to make a Woolly Way Website. This will hold info on shops, museums, online suppliers, groups, etc..and the blog hold all the juicy bits, events, groups, links and ramblings...
  • We are going to have to have a competitions throughout the year, so keep checking back for updates
  • We will have book reviews, interviews, and all the latest up-to-date info
  • To try help promote textiles to parents and teachers, we hope to create a children's corner with ideas and projects using textiles with kids
  • We will create a database of textile teachers and artists in Ireland
  • (My favourite!) To create The Woolly Way Roadshow! To create a merry band of woolites who will demonstrate and teach textiles in a fun way.
According to all the magazines, making things is in. So, lets get in there with our craft and remind the people of Ireland about our wonderful skills...

We are always looking for info, stories, reviews, etc. You don't have to live in Ireland, to help us on our Woolly Quest, all input is gladly received...Check out our Submissions page for more info on how you could get involved...

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