Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you’re not in Ravelry, and you’re looking at this blog, you are missing the religious experience of the textile world.…..

It is the Mecca, the Church, the-be-and-end-all of the textile world at the moment. With over 200,000 folk from all over the place gathered to chat, compare and discuss the most bizarre combinations of textiles and other interests. If you are into knitting and gardening, crochet and football, if you follow patterns, or hate them. There is a group for you. If you can’t find a group with your particular combination set a new one up, its easy.

There are currently 15 Irish-based groups, and more Irish related groups. So, if you haven’t joined already, sign up (its free), go into Groups/Location and do a search for Ireland. With 100’s of people joining every day, each group welcomes newbie’s, and will give you any advice you need on how to navigate your way around. You will be amazed at how fast you pick it up, even if you are not used to being online…

Basically, to be up on all the latest textile gossip, projects and events, it’s the only place to be. Just be warned, it’s addictive…

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Clasheen said...

Yah, I agree, Ravelry is great! Check out the latest post on my blog http://www.clasheen.wordpress.com to collect an award that I have left for you there!!


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