Monday, February 9, 2009

Coptic Textiles

Did you know that Ireland holds the greatest collection of Coptic Textiles?

Coptic, to quote Wikipedia, is the term used either for the art of Egypt produced in the early Christian era or for the art produced by the Coptic Christians themselves.

"The collection of Coptic textiles from the National Museum of Ireland is the only one of its kind and unique to the world. It opens an opportunity to research Egyptian artistic and cultural treasures. The collection consists of 109 remarkable examples of Coptic textile fragments. They were excavated at the burial-places in Akhmim (ancient Panopolis) in Upper Egypt."

This is taken from an abstract from the All Academics website, on a paper written by Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska, about the Irish hoard...I discovered this interesting article some months ago while browsing online. I saved it in my bookmarks folder, than my computer died, and I lost all my stash of bookmarks. And forgot most of the things I had safely stashed there...
So, you can imagine my surprise when this pops up...

The Hunt Musuem in Limerick is going to host a talk by the very same Anna Kadzik on Tues 12th May 2009

Here is the details:
* ‘Intimate artifacts: their symbols, imageries and classification. Studies of Coptic textiles in the collection of the National Museum of Ireland’ Speaker: Anna Kadzik, Winner of the 2008 John Hunt Memorial Bursary.

Anna discusses the role, which the history of textiles can play in understanding Egyptian societies (in terms of historical and religious changes during the Roman, Byzantine, Coptic and Arab periods), and the analysis of the dress and its decoration reflecting attitudes to political changes and moral propriety.

I'll see you there...

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