Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yarn Theory; an exhibition in New York

Knitting, Crochet, Math and Science

Yarn Theory highlights the vibrant and deep interrelationship between the sciences, mathematics, crocheting and knitting. From mathematicians looking for clear and visual ways to model their theorem to home-knitters and artists looking to create unique sculptural objects, the world of contemporary yarn work is rife with cross-pollination between the disciplines. The explosion in the popularity of knitting and crochet has yielded an interest in using the medium to go far beyond sweaters, socks, and wearables, moving into the worlds of geometry, biology, natural sciences, pushing the medium’s sculptural boundaries."

Take a look at this blog, and read about this great exhibition in the PS122 Gallery in New York,

April 25-May 17 2009
Curated by Martha Lewis, it includes artists: Ted Ashton, Emily Barletta, Sarah-Marie Belcastro, Nancy Cohen, Rita Cohen, and Anschel Schaffer-Cohen, Christine Domanic, Kate Fenker, Amanda Gale, Miyuki Kawamura, Martha Lewis, Margaret Oomen, Gail Rothschild, Daina Taimina, Daniel Yuhas.

PS122 Gallery
150 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009
T: 212.228.4249

Also, take a few minutes to listen to Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math that links coral, crochet and hyperbolic geometry

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