Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Poetry Society - Knitted Poem

2009 is the 100th anniversary of The Poetry Society in the UK.

To celebrate, they are going to create the world's first giant knitted poem. Knitters everywhere are invited to knit a poem one letter at a time. The final poem, in all its knitted glory will be revealed at the end of the centenary year.

Over 500 people are needed, participating knitters will be sent a template for an individual letter (more if they are super-keen). They will knit their letters at home, and all the squares will then be combined later in the year into a huge poem. Knitters will use their own odds and ends of wool (double knit) to complete the work. Letters can be sent in to the Society, but knitters will also be invited to a big knit-together event. A small booklet of 'poems to knit by' will be sent to every participant.

Packs will be available soon, featuring knitting templates, and instructions. There will be opportunities for experienced knitters and beginners alike.

To register your interest, send your contact details to:

Rebecka Mustajarvi
Email: officeassistant AT poetrysociety.org.uk
(please use @ instead of AT when sending your email).

Or (if you don't have email)

Rebecka Mustajarvi
Knit a Poem
The Poetry Society
22 Betterton Street


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