Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Volunteering in Ireland

Although the economic forecast is a bit doom and gloom, there has never been a better time to supports the Arts in Ireland. Latest figures show a huge rise in the number of people signing up to be volunteers. You can volunteer with an already established group, or set up a new one. Here is a few groups, organisations, websites, that provide great information on all things volunteer in Ireland. Although it is rare to find any specific textile voluntary opportunities, they do occasionally come along. You can always give the arts and crafts group a little nudge onto the textile side of things...

If you are setting up a group, or running some event or activity, they are great places to advertise for free, to reach a much larger audience. Apart from us, of course!

If you can't physically volunteer, but want to help out in some small way, you can always make some items for the very worthy projects, eg ISANDS, Oxfam, etc, listed in our Help a Charity page.

Volunteer Centres Ireland
VCI are a one-stop shop for people looking to volunteer and for volunteers. There are 20 local volunteer centres around Ireland, and they provide an invaluable link between volunteer-involving organisations and individual volunteers and are a vital element of the volunteering infrastructure of any country. All the info, and location of the centres are available on their website.

DMG Business Centre,
9/13 Blackhall Place,
D 7.
Tel: +353 1 799 4519
Fax: +353 1 799 4501
Email: info@volunteer.ie.
Website: www.volunteer.ie

Voluntary Arts Ireland - is a great organisation dedicated to promoting arts in Ireland.
Arts & crafts have immense power to make lives richer & communities better. Based in Northern Ireland they provide amazing resources to those either running groups, or wanting to set up new ones, on both sides of the border. They are also affiliated with VANS in Scotland, Wales, England

12 English Street,
BT30 6AB

Tel: (NI -028) / (RoI - 048) 4483 9327
Fax: (NI -028) / (RoI - 048) 4483 9192
Mob: + 44 (0)7764 182966
E-mail: info@vaireland.org

Active Link
Although not an arts organisation, it is a fantastic network site for Irish non profit organisations
They have information on Employment and Volunteering opportunities in the non profit sector and various Training Courses / Workshops, that are going on around the country. Since most arts groups are non-profit making, you will always find some kind of arts info here.

Rear 6 Upper Grand Canal Street,
Dublin 4,
tel +353 +1 667 7326
fax +353 +1 + 667 7377
e-mail info@activelink.ie
Website: www.activelink.ie

This list will be constantly updated as we come across new groups. You can also send us any info you think we should add to this list: woollywayATgmailDOTcom

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add that there is also a National Volunteer Development Agency called Volunteering Ireland. You can contact them for support and guidance on volunteer policies and training.

I actually got in contact with them through the Dublin North Volunteer Centre, and I thought they were great: friendly, professional ad easy-going.


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