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International Day of Felt - 3rd October 2009

Felt - intertwined, bound together, forever as one - United
3rd October 2009

Last June we wrote about We Felt United, a group who wanted to organise an International Day of Felt, similar to World Wide Knit in Public Day. Well, the date is looming and the lists of countries getting involved is getting larger. This Day of Felt is being organised as part of UN International Year of Natural Fibres, and it is hoped it will become an annual felting celebration.

What can you do?

Simply display some felt!
"Display your felt - on your front door, in the park, along the road or onyour car. Anywhere your heart desires... be wild! Have fun! Let the world see what you make."

Make some felt!
If you are alone, part of a group, a school, why not make some felt. It's fun and easy, and a great project to do with kids.

We Felt United
- Online Exhibition

To show the diversity of natural fibres and of felting forms, We felt United are going to organise an online exhibition of felt made or displayed on the day. If you want to take part in this online exhibition there are a few rules...

  • The theme for this year is a slice of the colour wheel, yellow through red. So make some felt in yellow, orange or red or any combination of those colours (felt with no more than 3% accent colours such as black or natural, otherwise your photo will not be accepted)
  • Take some photos (one over-all and one detailed per individual)
  • Fill our the submission form and send the jpeg photos to We Felt United

If you have any plans or ideas tell us and we will spread the word. If you want to be connected to other felters in your area to set things up or if you need help in putting an idea together contact

Experienced Felters: if you a felting studio
, workshops, or simply know how to felt, why not have and open day, or organise a felting session.

Beginner Felters: if there is nothing going on in your area, and you'd still like to have a go. Check out our list of fibre suppliers, get a book from the library, or simply watch a few YouTube videos! We will add a few felting resources here over the next week.

If anyone wants any help in organising events, or have organised an event please get in touch. You can leave a comment here or email woollywayATgmailDOTcom. We will list all the felting events going on around the country, however small! We also have a Woolly Way Flickr Pool, where you can add photos of your felting activities.


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