Friday, August 28, 2009

World Wide Spin in Public Day

Worldwide Spin in Public
19th September 2009

The Woolly Way is proudly going to support and promote yet another great day of Fibre activities. We know it's a bit short notice, but this September there is a day dedicated to spinning. World Wide Spin in Public Day. So, if you had fun at the knitting, you got the fibre for the felting, why not take a bit of that fibre and have a go at spinning it!

Firstly we will tell you about the event, and over the subsequent weeks we will add resources and links on spinning. So, if you don't have a spinning wheel, or a spindle, don't worry, there's lots of DIY spinning tips and tricks!!

2009 represents the first year for Worldwide Spin in Public (WWSIP) Day. As with other events, its simply about meeting up, chatting, spinning, sharing tips and tricks. No matter what kind of spinning you do, eg fine or chunky, wool or 'art yarn'.

What can I do?

WWSIP is simply about people actually going out and spinning in public. This can be single individuals who set up a wheel in a town square and show the public something they have never seen before or a group of like-minded spinners getting together to have a nice day outside or in a public place that involves their favourite hobby - spinning.

Why not ask your local yarn shop, your local library, hey, even the pub (the tourists would love it), if you can sit for an hour or two and spin. If you don't know any other spinners, just advertise in your local paper, put up a poster, about what you are doing, and you will find some people come along out of spinning converts!!

There is some dedicated people and a great website behind this event, From the website you can get more information, see if there is anything organised in your area, download posters, and, literally, buy the t-shirt..."Enjoy Worldwide Spin in Public Day and feel free to send us your suggestions at Worldwide Spin in Public Day was started by a bunch of like-minded spinners to celebrate an art that they all love - the art of spinning fibers into yarn."

Again, The Woolly Way would like to help out in promoting this event, if anyone wants any help in organising events, or have organised an event please get in touch. You can leave a comment here or email woollywayATgmailDOTcom.

We will list all the felting events going on around the country, however small! We also have a Woolly Way Flickr Pool, where you can add photos of your felting activities.

Please note we are on away next week, 2nd September- 10th September 2009, so get in touch before or after those dates.


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barazile, livpåIrland said...

I'd love to spin in public in Limerick, but it would have to be the previous weekend or the following weekend,
anybody else out there interested in setting up something in Limerick?


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