Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dream Rocket - the world’s largest collaborative public art project

Our favourite, fibre-active group,  The International Fibre Collaborative are at it again.  In 2008, they wrapped a Gas Station, in 2009, they created the Independence Tree. Now for 2010, they are planning their most ambitious project to date The Dream Rocket

 The Dream Rocket aims to connect art and education through a global collaborative initiative. It will inspire participants to consider, express, and explore their dreams for a better future using Dream Themes such as Energy, Space, Peace, Science, Recycling, etc. The Wrapping of the Saturn V Rocket will recognize the power of global collaboration, and in turn, The Dream Rocket hopes to inspire individuals all over the World not only to dream, but also to recognize their power to pursue their dreams.”

By May 2010, over 8,000 panels, will have been created by students and individuals from more than 100 countries,. They will be stitched together and installed as a 36,467-square-foot wrap on the 37 story tall SATURN V Rocket replica located at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Anyone can be involved, from anywhere around the world.

A two-foot-square panel can be reserved for $100 by any group or individual. Sponsors can also reserve a panel for those who cannot afford the cost.

T-Shirt Competition 

There is also a great competition for kids under the age of 14. The Dream Rocket team is looking for the perfect t-shirt design to print on t-shirts. This design should inspire the theme of the Dream Rocket project, as well as highlight our candidates artistic abilities.

If the Dream Rocket team picks your t-shirt design, you will win a FREE spot on the Dream Rocket Quilt! AND your design will be printed on t-shirts that will be sold to people all over the WORLD. Entry into the t-shirt competition of free, the deadline date is February 1, 2010

For more information on the project and how to get involved

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