Monday, December 7, 2009

Fabulous fibres - Ethnobotanical Exhibition, Surrey, UK

1 December 2009 - 9 January 2010
2009 is both the International Year of Natural Fibres, and the 250th anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew . Fabulous Fibres, is an exhibition marks both with a display of beautiful and unusual textiles from around the world. The objects are drawn from the Economic Botany Collection at Kew Gardens , and highlight a wide range of fibre plants, particularly rarer plants used by indigenous cultures. This is first time Kew has loaned such a large collection of textiles, and is a rare opportunity to see such diverse and historic material outside a major museum.

About 40 objects have been chosen from the Kew collection. Many of these date back to the nineteenth century, and document indigenous cultures that are threatened or have disappeared. Some objects have benefited from conservation treatment by students at the Textile Conservation Centre in Winchester , and Camberwell College of Arts, and this is the first time for the public to see the results of their work. There is also an emphasis on connecting plant to product.

Exhibits will include a case-full of footwear, a remarkable lacebark bonnet from Jamaica, textiles from India, barkcloth from the Pacific, lace from Ireland, paper from Japan, baskets from Europe, as well as artefacts from the Americas. This truly global exhibition will also include a handling table with a wide range of natural fibres, and is aimed both at families and those with a special interest in textiles or conservation.

More information here,on the Kew Gardens website

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