Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kozo Studio Workshop Programme 2010, Co Kilkenny


Upcoming dates:
23 - 24 January (Sat – Sun)
27 – 28 February (Sat - Sun)

Saturday, 10.30am - 5pm: Hand Papermaking Techniques - using mixed pulps of recycled materials and natural plant fibres of cotton, abaca, esparto.

Sunday, 10.30am - 5pm: Silk Fibre Paper making - from various raw silk fibres (cocoon strippings, throwsters fibres, had-dyed silk tops etc..). Participants will create plain or colourful, textured, decorative, ``fabric – like`` papers. These unique pieces are suitable for writing, painting, textile art- and collage works, stitching, embroidery and are ideal for 3 dimensional, sculptural projects.  

The workshop also introduces experimental processes and ideas using fibre reactive textile dyes on silk papers. Also included in this course is a small silk fibre bowl sculpted on a mould.
 Both courses are suitable for the complete beginner as well as for those with previous experience - to refresh, to experiment and/or explore new ideas!

Tutor: Tunde Toth – Fibre and paper artist, papermaker, arts educator

Workshop on BATIK TECHNIQUES for beginners

6 February (Sat)      10am - 5pm

The generic term ‘Batik’ – a Malay word – refers to the process of dyeing fabric using resist technique: covering areas of cloth with a dye-resistant substance to prevent them from absorbing colour. Some methods are over 1000 year old with evidence in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and India. During this one day workshop participants will create individual pieces through an introduction to resist and fabric dye techniques, using paraffin and natural beeswax, fibre reactive dyes and traditional tools.

Tutor: Tunde Toth – Fibre and paper artist, papermaker, arts educator
Fee: € 70 – including all materials (fabric, natural bees wax, dyes etc.)

Tunde Toth, 
Co. Kilkenny

M: 087-2543362


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