Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SUBMERGE YOURSELF....International Crocheted Coral Reef Opens in Dublin

20th March to 11th June 2010
The International Crocheted Coral Reef opens this Friday at The Science Gallery in Trinity College, Dublin. It has to be one of the most incredible textile exhibitions to come to Ireland. Not only that, but in the space of 5 months we have managed to make our own Irish Crocheted Coral Reef to be exhibited alongside it! It has been an incredible project to work on, and I think everyone involved has thoroughly enjoyed it. Because of it, people who haven't crocheted before or in years, had a go, groups got together, crochet sessions were being held all over the country. And a fantastic bunch of people have been involved. You can find all the details about how to get to the Science Gallery on their website  
VIP LAUNCH 19th March 2010   
A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to everyone who got involved, to the Science Gallery for hosting it, and to the busy bees who are currently stitching the whole things together in time for the opening!! Sadly, I won't be at the opening, but I hope someone will send us a few pictures from the big night!! Let us know how it went, and what you thought of the exhibition.

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