Monday, April 19, 2010

Baa Baa Business presents The Mad Knitters Tea Party, RTE Radio

The Business, a Radio Show on RTE, hosted a gathering of different yarn related people and businesses in a special on how the economic crash has created a knitting boom. 
The programme was aired on 17 April 2010, and if you missed it you can hear a repeat of it here. and also more details on the interviewee's.

Great interviews with
Lisa & Jacqui Sisk from  
Cathy Giles from
Joe Queenan from www.foxfordwoollenmills
Janette Invers knitwear for personalised golf-club members
Rosemary Murphy from
Pat & Nora Casey from O Cathasaigh Alpaca
George Graham, Irish champion sheep-shearer.
Freda Hayes of
Warren & Jennifer Ogden from
Marie O’Toole
Vincent Pierce, who is setting up a wool processing operation In Belorussia. His company has been working in working with fleece for years. Classifying the fleece for knitting, carpets and house insulation    
Breda McGuigan from
A fantastic gathering of people, who all spoke very well, about the blossoming in textiles in Ireland at the moment. It was great to hear so much spoken about the home market, the Irish interest, and not just the tourist trade. Well worth a listen.



They also launched a competition with an amazing prize, which is being posted separately, so it gets the full attention it deserves! Read about it here



building-insulation said...

If we use all the BAA BAA sheep for all theses activities there will be none left in Ireland. Sheep wool is already used in pillows and duvets

About Us said...

Normally I delete any comments that are just advertisments for businesses, but I'm going to leave yours in Building-Insulation! Because you gave me a good laugh...
Personally, I've never seen a sheep pillow, but, that's not to say they aren't out there...


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