Friday, May 28, 2010

Woolly Way Map Update

The Textile Map of Ireland is a great resource, and it's not just for tourists. With the recession and the volcano disrupting normal Irish holidaying patterns, a lot of Irish are staying at home this summer. It is, however, in serious need of updating.

If anyone has any venues, museums, textile studios, or other places they think should be listed on the Map, please pass the details on!

You can simply leave a comment with a name, address, link, etc, or you can email us at woollyway AT gmail DOT com

 Heritage Crafts Association,  UK

EDITED: I've edited this post, as I got some info wrong!! It was my own fault, someone sent me an email about it, and I should have checked to make sure the details were correct.  I had said, the Heritage Crafts Association in the UK have started a map, and charge for your listing.  But they dont, listing is free, but you can pay a small fee become a Friend of the Heritage Crafts Association. My humble apologies...

The HCA are a fantastic group, I visited their website many times, and I have added their Map to my Map list. Although not strictly textiles, they have enought lovely felters, dyers, weavers, etc, on their listings to warrant a link!

The Heritage Crafts Network



Daniel said...

Hi Woolly Way. Great work on the map. Just a quick note to let you know that the Heritage Crafts Association does not charge for inclusion on its map. It is absolutely free as stated on the map page at

About Us said...

Apologies Daniel!!
I have edited my post...


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