Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Gift of Hands - Innovative Fundraising Programme run by EOM, Co. Mayo

Essence of Mulranny, (EOM Workshops) is a beautiful retreat in Co. Mayo, which runs a variety of hands-on craft workshops and informative talks on a variety of subjects.  “To give both teachers and learners, the opportunity to expand skills, share knowledge and take part in the integral process of creative retreats.”

Gift of Hands
They have started running an incredible program, called Gift of Hands. This "...program has been started as a means of fundraising for Mulranny community endeavors.”

The first program will consist of several small groups making rugs and floor mats from local sheep wool.  EOM Studio has supplied a small carding machine looms and weaving sticks for a variety of weaves.  Workshops are free and last 6 weeks. New members are invited to learn the craft and contribute time to creating inventory that will later be sold.  100% of the profits go towards the fundraising goal. 

The Mountain Black Head sheep has a long course fibre, which is most suitable for this kind of project.  Other kinds of sheep wool add softness and varied texture to the rugs. Local farmers have generously donated fleeces after shearing. However, we are in need of contributions of brown or black wool. 

New projects will be added to the program periodically. Glass beads are been donated from Pat Pawlowicz, a beadshop owner in Massachusetts, who recently visited Mulranny, heard about the program and generously offered beads for the ‘twisted trios” necklace designs which will be taught later in the year for another Gift of Hands project.

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact Cheryl Browne

Telephone: 087 207 1641


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