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IRISH Crochet- Clones Lace - Workshops in Co. Mayo

IRISH Crochet- Clones Lace

21 May 2011

Maire Treanor  instructor

Clones Lace was introduced to the Clones area of Monaghan, South Fermanagh in 1847 as a famine relief scheme.  Within a few years 1500 people were crocheting collars and other attire, which was then worn by royalty and became high fashion all over the world.  In 1910, Irish Crochet, as it was then known, was introduced to the west of Ireland by the Congested Districts Board and teachers traveled from the North Monaghan - South Fermanagh area to teach it.

Maire will give a 2-day workshop on Irish Crochet Lace which saved thousands of families from starvation, all along the western coast of Ireland during famine times 150 years ago.  During times of poor farming conditions, women and children became the main earners in thousands of families.  Many people will remember their grandmothers crocheting.  Maire's samples of antique and modern Irish crochet will be great inspiration to all who attend this special workshop.   Class fee includes kits which consists of thread, hook and patterns.  All skill levels welcome.  Beginners can work with wool and progress to thread when ready.

2 day workshop only: Cost E140      Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5 pm. Tuition, kit and lunch. 

Full Residentail with workshop: Cost E230      The workshop will start on Friday evening with a welcome meal, followed by an all day class on Saturday and Sunday. After dinner on Saturday night, there is open studio.  There is no charge if you wish to stay over on Sunday night to leave on Monday morning if more convenient.

Contact  087 207 1641  or book online at: 

Cheryl Cobern Browne
E.O.M. Studio
Co. Mayo, Ireland
353 (0)87 207 1641

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