Friday, October 28, 2011

Exchange Market Renovation, Dublin

Helpers Wanted: Exchange Market Renovation

Wanted; People in Art, Craft, Design, Making, Music, Photography, Event Management and P.R. as well as anyone with enthusiasm, motivation and willingness to really get stuck into a project.

Exchange Dublin are seeking helpers to assist them in their endeavour of running a stonkingly good monthly Art, Craft+Design Market. This Market is currently something of a one woman show – and that woman thinks it could multiply in greatness with a team of people to propel it. This shebang is in need of P.R., online contribution, physical work, word spreading and clever thinking. It has so much potential. We have a beautiful indoor space with enormous windows and wooden floors, a kitchen, wifi and an existing list of stallholders. We believe that with the right level of organisation and some contribution from lots of people this monthly event could be a fantastic and memorable experience. As with everything in our not for profit Collective Arts Centre all positions are voluntary. Funds raise! d from stallholders money goes towards financing Exchange and keeping it running as many free, inclusive, all ages events as possible.

What you will gain from your work with us: Experience of event management as well as of working within a team in a uniquely open minded and flexible collective. The benefits of being an active part of your craft market. Whether you have a little time or a lot of time to give we would love your help. References will be provided in return.

So you who is reading this, if you are thinking in the back of your mind “I’d like to get in on this” come to see us and talk about our Market (that could be your Market too) on Wednesday 26 October at 5.30pm in Exchange Dublin. And if you can’t make that email us to let us know that you’re interested – we’ll keep you in the loop.

We are looking for:• Artists, designers and crafters looking for a monthly market to have a stall at and play an active role in.• People of all backgrounds who don’t necessarily want a stall but want to take part in putting this together.

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