Friday, December 2, 2011

"Made in Ireland" - New Fashion Initiative launched by ReDress

Re-dress have launched a ‘Made in Ireland’ Swing Tag to acknowledge Fashion and Accessories produced in Ireland

The ‘made in Ireland’ project has been founded by Re-dress as a response to the growing need for support for the Irish fashion sector. The aim of the project is to increase the visibility of fashion products that are made in Ireland.

To clearly identify fashion products that are produced in Ireland.
To promote the products, brands and organisations that are awarded membership of the made in Ireland project through consumer campaigns, press outreach and industry networks.
To connect the craft, design and manufacturing sectors operational in Ireland and promote collaboration and trade between them.
To identify opportunities for growth within the Irish fashion and design industries in both the domestic and export markets.

The made in Ireland project is a membership organisation managed, monitored and administrated by Re-dress The Better Fashion Initiative Ltd. – a not-for-profit organisation promoting better fashion practice within the fashion industry.

Membership will be assessed through an invitation, application and / or referral process. Membership will be awarded to those who’s products meet the standards as set our in the membership criteria matrix and project charter. Applications will be processed on by a combination of self-assessment & peer review.

Phase one of the project development will be the release of a universally adopted made in Ireland logo displayed by all members on their products covered under the charter and any marketing / press or promotional material subsequently developed.A choice of branded material will be made available to all members and will include swing-tags, small labels, window decals and POS display stands.

The tag will be accompanied by an explanatory website with listings of all participating members. Each listing will include contact information, product / editorial  imagery description of the product manufacturing process / place and links to home-pages / members websites.

Providing the successful adoption and incorporation of both - a long-term marketing strategy will be implemented starting with a co-ordinated press call and marketing push to launch the logo on November 24th 2011

The initiative has already been embraced by stellar figures from the Irish Fashion world including; Heather Finn, Lisa Shawgi, Emma Kate Manley, Yvonne Ryan, Eily O Connor, Eoin McDonnagh, and designer Sinéad Doyle, commented on the importance of the Made in Ireland ethos to both Irish Fashion and Irish Trade,  

For more information on the Made in Ireland project, or to download a membership application form, or to simply find out more details on Re-dress and better fashion practices, log onto  

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