Saturday, April 14, 2012

National ‘Tea Cosy’ Competition

For FOLKS sake, bring back the tea Cosy!

Tea Cosy’s are back and if they are not, we are bringing them back!

With our modern fast paced lives we still enjoy sitting back and having a nice cuppa after a long day’s work or enjoy a friends company, and there is nothing better than having a top up....except when the tea has gone cold! Bringing back the tea cosy will hopefully rejuvenate the need for a beautiful teapot, a handmade cup and time out to ponder on life’s inspirations!

We are going nationally with this competition to ensure all corners of Ireland remember to enjoy being creative, drinking tea and uniting together to revive our Folk crafts.

Choose from 3 categories:  

Under 14yrs   //  Traditional    //   Modern Style

All entries must be in by Wednesday 16th May 2012 
– final general voting ends on Friday 18th May 2012.

Entry admin fee:  5 Euro plus return postage.
Terms and Conditions:
1. Each entry must be made by the applicant
2. More than one entry is allowed with additional admin fee
3. All Tea Cosy’s must be hand-made. (No exceptions!)
4. Once a tea cosy is submitted even if your tea cosy is shy it will be photographed and placed on the website for general voting. This is separate to the judge’s vote.
5. Postage in stamp or monetary form must be sent with the Tea cosy so that your tea cosy can be returned to the applicant, in the case of the tea cosy not being sold or if you request that your tea cosy is not for sale after judging has been done.
6. If you are happy to sell your tea cosy then selling price will be returned to the applicant – no commission.
7.  If you are using our help a charity appeal, we will donate all your sales money to the charity – (Aware, Helping to defeat depression.) Return postage will then be returned to applicant.
8. All entries must be in by Wednesday 16th May 2012 – final general voting ends on Friday 18th May 2012. 
9. Competition will end at 1pm on Sunday 20th May 2012 at The Craft Festival 2012 in Royal Marin Hotel, DunLaoghaire, Co Dublin.  External Judges will announce winners at Fair, all Tea Cosy’s available for purchase will then be free to go to new homes.
10.   Please be aware that we will be returning your entry in the wrapping that it came in, while we will ensure all entries are cared for, we are not responsible should the entry be damaged or stolen during the competition period, and the applicant should take whatever precautions are necessary in terms of insurance etc, prior to sending the  application.

Fore more information visit:

Here is the application form for theNational Tea Cosy Competition

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