Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Charity Yarnbombing 2012!


Proceeds to The Cultural Quarters & Irish Dogs For The Disabled

For this year’s Worldwide Knit in Public day on Tuesday, 12th June, 2012, we’ve been given permission to yarnbomb a building in aid of our two causes:

* The Cultural Quarters, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim

A grass roots initiative by and for local people based in the heart of Ballinamore. The CQ provides: accessible and affordable classes in a range of skills and interest areas; social areas for people to visit to read, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and chat; affordable spaces for local practitioners’ use; as well as spearheading various community-led projects to promote community cohesion, personal development and wellbeing through the current difficult times.

* Irish Dogs For The Disabled
This Cork based charity train assistance dogs for Children and Adults with disabilities. They receive no state funding. Their website can be found at:

Currently, we have approximately 70 contributing knitters, crocheters, and even needle-felters, from all over the world, who’re sending in pieces of cloth to help us wrap a building and raise some money.

On June 12th itself, the wrapped building will be available to the public to view and afterwards, the cloth will be made into small gift items and offered by auction via our facebook page. The auction will close at midnight GMT into 1st July.

All proceeds will then be divided equally between the two causes.

Anyone who wishes to contribute can still do so. Submissions are open until 8th June 2012. Any piece of yarn crafted fabric, old tension squares, maybe someone knitted some sleeves for a jumper that have haunted their work basket ever since? – All submissions are welcome, just mail them to us with the name of the contributor and the details of an email address where we can send the contributor’s certificate and photos of the work in place.
Anyone wishing to see the work should enquire at the Cultural Quarters, Ballinamore on Tuesday, 12th June.



mouse said...

Thanks so much for supporting our fundraiser, but just to let you know, the building is in Co. Leitrim not Cork. Sorry for the confusion!

About Us said...

Sorry, have been very busy of late, haven't been able to do much updates. Will update ASAP!


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