Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hands On - A new craft book by Sylvia Thompson


Hands On- The Art of Crafting in Ireland
Sylvia Thompson
Hands On is a celebration of the abundance of crafts practiced and taught across Ireland. Dry stone walling, hat making, beekeeping, pottery, thatching, cider & wine making, knitting, quilting, leather work, wallpaper conservation – it's all there and more! In full colour, and lavishly illustrated, this beautiful book highlights the profusion of talented craftspeople in Ireland, as well as encouraging the creativity of the readers.

"…the thing about craft, about the making of everyday objects that are beautiful and/or useful, is that our everyday life is enriched." JEANETTE WINTERSON

 You can order it direct from Liberties Press. Price: €25.00.

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