Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yarnbombing the 2013 G8 Summit

Last year, I came across S.O.C.K, (Secret Outdoor Crochet and Knitting), a group of enthuastic yarnbombers based in Co. Down. They have been been responsible for a number of fantastic yarnbombs in Newcastle and Newry.

Now S.O.C.K is on the ball again, and is planning YBG8, yarnbombing the roads leading up to the location of the G8 summit, which takes place this June in Fermanagh. 

The G8 summit is a meeting of 8th of the world’s largest economies. Well, except for 2 of the actual 8th; China and Brazil are not invited. Europe is represented but cannot host or chair summits. It's like being invited to a party but not being able to play. Ireland hosts the EU presidency at the moment, so our Enda will be there. He is European of the Year after all...

In a nutshell, these 8 countries hold 14% of the world’s population, 60% of the worlds Gross World Product, and the majority of global military power. (Scarily, combined expenditure of US$850 billion, and all the worlds’ active nuclear weapons!). Big boys with big toys... They discuss a number of key world issues, and well, issue statements about their discussions. Sometimes something good can come from these G8 summits, but generally its never enough. Wishy washy statements on how they plan to save the world (while appeasing the big corporations).

The protests that go alongside the summit are just as famous. 10,000 protesters turned up at the 2011 G20 summit in France, and were met by 12,000 French riot police. In Edinburgh 2005 about 200,000 people marched in the "Make Poverty History" campaign. The 2012 G8 summit changed location at the last minute from Chicago to Camp David, so there was a minimal of protesters present. What protest is being planned for this years G8 Summit is anyones guess.

The setting for this meeting of world Leaders is the lough Erne Golf Resort, near Enniskillen. (Which in fitting with the general Irish economy, went belly up when the bubble burst, but they promise it'll be ready in time).  S.O.C.K wants to bring its own colourful presence to surrounding roads. They want the work to reflect messages, end hunger, education for all, love, peace, end to war, no fracking etc.
Protest in colour and not in violence.

And they can’t do it alone. 

If anyone is interested in joining S.O.C.K, you can contact them though their Facebook page Yarnbomb the Prom. Likewise, if you are interested in taking part, form your own rebel stitching group, get making and help line the roads of Enniskillen with hope, colour and yarn. 

Great write-up for S.O.C.K in The Irish News on Jan 4th

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