Saturday, November 30, 2013

Craftshop Na Méar opens in Listowel, Co. Kerry

Craftshop Na Méar

 Craftshop Na Méar
52 Church Street, Listowel, Co. Kerry

Official Opening 10th December 2013
Opening Hours: 10am-5pm every day until Christmas

For the past couple of years the knitting group, KnitWits, has met twice a week in Scribes Café in Listowel. 

"Our numbers have been growing steadily and people coming in to the café were giving us orders for gloves and sweaters and a couple of weeks ago, when it looked like we were going to take over the place entirely, Namir Karim, the owner said (jokingly) he'd have to get a shop for us!

We were over the moon and knew exactly where we wanted to be - 52 Church Street, a historic building going back to the 18th century. It has flag stone floors and a toasty warm range , which we keep filled with turf and logs. Everything in the shop is handmade in Kerry. 

For the schools we hope to give talks combine the history of the house with the story of wool in Kerry, in English and "as Gaelige" with hands-on demonstration.".

Mairead Sharry will be demonstrating carding, spinning, weaving (on an inkle loom) and felting as well as rushwork and  they are planning classes in the near future in knitting and crochet as well.

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