Tuesday, July 15, 2014

August is a busy month for Craft!

Cork Craft Month takes place
5th August – 5th September 2014

'A Celebration of Craft in Cork City and County - The perfect chance to discover locally crafted products to delight and surprise'.

Cork Craft Month 2014 is a month long festival of craft celebrating of the amazing abundance of high quality craft produced in Cork County and City. Crafts people working individually or alongside other artists present a diverse range of high quality craft activities. Through exhibitions, workshops, craft fairs and seminars you can make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft.


August Craft Month 2014 is an annual celebration of contemporary craft in Northern Ireland.

"In 2014, Explore over 100 craft events including talks, exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations at over 40 locations throughout Northern Ireland. Experience Northern Ireland through the best of contemporary craft by seeing, making or buying it!"

Read/Download the August Craft Month 2014 PDF brochure HERE (online reader version will appear here shortly) 

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