Friday, September 12, 2014

The Donkey Sanctuary UK, Urgent Callout for Knitters!

A herd of knitted woolley donkeys
I came across a lovely project running in the UK via The Donkey Sanctuary Facebook page recently. They were doing an urgent call out for knitters. (Naturally it caught my eye, I like urgent call outs for any kind of textiles!). 
The Donkey Sanctuary sell knitted Woolly Donkeys to help fundraise for the charity. But, with the popularity of these cute little donkeys, they are running low, and are looking for volunteer knitters to help out. Here are the details, taken from their website:

"...Urgent appeal: We are running short of Woolley donkeys to help fundraise. Please download Woolley's pattern and send us your adorable characters. Thank you.

Since Woolley first arrived at the Sanctuary, he and his adorable knitted donkey friends have been growing in popularity every year. They are knitted by supporters and then sold in both our visitors’ centre and our online gift shop to raise funds to support the charity. Create your very own Woolley donkey and help The Donkey Sanctuary protect one of the world’s most hard working and humble creatures.
As each one is individually handmade, all the knitted donkeys are truly unique creations with their own personalities, just like the Sanctuary's real life donkeys.

We're now calling our supporters to get knitting and help raise money for our worldwide work..."

They have a free donkey knitting pattern available from their website. More info here:
For more information about the Donkey Sanctuary visit

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