Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Visual Art Installations at KnockanStockan Festival | Call for Submission

KnockanStockan are now taking submissions for knockvisual & performance art.
Famous for it’s sweet vibes and friendly atmosphere, as always, this years event is about growing and developing the community of musicians, artists, entertainers and dreamers, by giving them a platform on a festival stage.
Knockanstockan’s Art team has chosen the theme of ‘Duality’ to inspire the art work for this year’s festival. Duality is the two-sidedness of the world – the fact that everything has an opposite, a polar compliment. Duality is often referred to as YinYang. Feminine/masculine, conscious/unconscious, internal/external…the possibilities go on and on! This year we are particularly excited by the concept of light/dark and how the artwork can be translated or transformed at night. We don’t want the artwork to get lost in the dark but rather come alive and transform.
We invite you to submit proposals based on this theme. Your submission can be as simple or conceptual as you like. Keep in mind the beautiful and dynamic landscape you will be exhibiting in. Consider scale, lighting, use of natural/reusable materials and it’s interaction with the viewer and the land.

To apply simply complete the form on our website and we will be in touch soon. You can send pictures to this email address

Deadline for Applications is May 1st.

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