Saturday, July 18, 2015

Embroidered Zoetrope Animations on Turntables by Elliot Schultz

We love coming across some unusual textile activity online. Especially when its tactile and animated. We recently spotted these on This is Colossal, and just fell in love with them!! These were made by Elliot Schultz for his final project in college.

Embroidered Zoetrope from Elliot Schultz on Vimeo.

"...My work aims to investigate the use of unconventional media in both the production and presentation of animated work. Early pioneers of the art form experimented with the combination of hand drawn animation and live action performances, demonstrating the natural inclusiveness of animation which invites a wide variety of media to be used in the creation process.
Inspired by the work of Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker, I aimed to guide my production process indirectly through the limitations afforded by alternative media. Their invention, the pin screen, was used as the sole medium in the production of six short films, and shaped the outcome of their work. In response, I have designed and embroidered animated sequences onto discs, similar to the Phenakistokope, Zoopraxiscope and Stamfer Disc layouts. This repurposing of media introduced strict parameters, namely spatial, tonal and temporal, and has greatly informed all stages of my process..."

You can read more about Elliot Schultz on his website here:

Drip - Embroidered Zoetrope Stop Motion Capture from Elliot Schultz on Vimeo.

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