Tuesday, July 28, 2015

RETREAT: Knitting, Yoga & Mindfullness Retreat, Iceland


 Knitting, Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat in Iceland 

1st - 6th October 2015

West Iceland is the perfect destination for a knitting retreat, because of the long-established knitting tradition in the area. This, combined with yoga, mindfulness and sightseeing will make this trip an unforgettable experience.

The knitting focus will be on the meditative qualities of knitting which allow it to be use as a mindfulness tool. The spiritual aspect is explored in our ‘loving kindness project’ intentionally infusing each stitch with hope, warmth, love, compassion and care. When the gift is received, that warmth is felt, the connection is recalled and healing takes place.

Every day will begin and end with yoga classes and one full day will be devoted to rest relaxation knitting classes and yoga practice before an evening out for dinner and a one act play at the Settlement Centre which uses theatrical and multimedia techniques to enable visitors imagine the way Iceland was discovered and then how the settlers established a new society.
We will visit interesting places, related to the rich Icelandic knitting heritage, learn about colouring yarn with dye made from Icelandic plants, have a workshop in spinning wool and learn about the Icelandic goat, an ancient domestic breed whose coarse guard hair conceals a coat of high quality cashmere fiber. We will also visit a farmers market and taste products from local farmers. On the last night we will stay at the Blue Lagoon Hotel where we will have our own private geothermal lagoon and experience the restorative benefits of ‘floating’ under a starlit sky (and see the shimmering Northern Lights if we’re really lucky!)

I hope you can join us on this exciting and restorative journey in Iceland 1st - 6th October 2015. learn more and book here
Price per person sharing a double room €1500

Pauline Gallagher

The Knitting Class
Monkstown valley
Monkstown, Co Dublin

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