Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taking a wee break

This poor blog has been terribly quiet of late. I feel very guilty to the readers and also the lovely craftspeople who have always emailed me with info and details to post.

The reason the blog has been neglected is because I have started doing a MA in Digital Culture through UCC. Although it was supposed to be part-time, I fear it is overwhelming me, and I can say it is nearly full time! A whole world of digital has opened up,  sucking up my time either directly or indirectly. In a good way though! I would like, while I have the opportunity to do this course, to devote as much time to it as possible. So rather than let this blog just linger, I am going to close it for a few months. while I work on my project. But fear not, I hope the blog comes back bigger, and better than before!

I am directing my research into the area of activism. Using arts and crafts as a means of communication, using digital tools, to make our world a better place. Craftivitsm! So, I am not entirely devoid of craft! But more reading into the academic side of it, in the hope of becoming more proficient about being able to write and talk about it. And about why I feel it is so important for us, in this overpowering digital age. I hope to do a lot of research on social media and design tools that can help craftspeople, promote our work, and use our skills for community activism. Conservation of crafts is also a key issue for me, the conservation of skills. So history and heritage are also key points in my research.

I have had to start a new blog, and write about my research throughout the year, so I feel I must step back on the other blogging fronts,such as this blog.

If you would like to follow my research, make suggestions, state opinions. etc, as ever, you are most welcome to join me at my new blog  Fite Fuaite  (Gaelige for intertwined) or a new Facebook page I have set up for my research Fite Fuaite.

I am very interested to hear from anyone, their views on technology, digital culture, for good or bad. The email is still in use, so simply email me at

Thank you for all your support for the blog to date, and hopefully we'll be chatting again soon!


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