Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Woolly Way is currently looking for fibre-minded people who would like to make this the definitive online textile guide in Ireland. We're looking for folk that would like to contribute their work, love, and chat about textiles in Ireland.So, whether you knit, crochet, spin, weave, quilt, sew, sell, buy, teach, learn, farm, anything to do with Fabric and Fibre, we want to hear from you.

Here's the kind of stuff we are looking for:

Write a small description of yourself, what you do, what materials you work with, where you are located, where do you sell, contact information, etc. Do you provide any other services; teach workshops, exhibitions, commissions?


You may not work full-time in textiles, but you are a master of your craft and can talk for Ireland. To get your blog or website listed please provide the following; short description of yourself, the materials you work with, etc, and of course, contact information, etc.

If you are looking for textile items, send us details on your charity, what you are looking for, contact information, links to your website/patterns/information. Is your appeal on-going, or a once-off?


Free patterns, projects, illustrations, hints, techniques, tutorials .


To get an event listed, simply email us the following details, exactly as you would like it to be read: heading, when, where, event, contact information

Editors/Roving Reporters:
Would you like to join the Woolly Way team? We're looking for volunteers to help
maintain and update the Woolly Way. Or maybe you'd like to become a Roving Reporter, our South Eastern or Midlands correspondent, with regular updates from your area. Master of you craft? Become our help Doctor, write an advice column on your area of expertise.


We want to create a holistic Textile Directory; we want to start from the beginning. If you run a sheep or alpaca farm, grow flax or hemp; why not tell us about it. Get your farm listed, are you open to visitors, to tour groups, where you sell your produce? Write us an articles on the difference between sheep breeds, how you classify wool, how do you prepare flax for spinning.


Tell us what you do what kind of members you look for, e.g. beginner/advanced, when, where and how often you meet, membership fees, contact information. Anything else, such as exhibitions, outings, etc

Kid's Section

To help kids, their parents and teachers on their Woolly Way, we'd like to provide a series of projects for them to try their hands at. If you have any ideas, such as making pompoms, fabric collages, paper weaving, we'd love to hear from you.

Got a great book you just have to rave about, a pattern that has to be made? What’s the latest wool/fabric/colour/technique. Write reviews of websites, blogs , interviews with influences, people, personal stories.


Write a small description of your business, where you are located, what you sell, opening hours, website, contact information, etc. Do you provide retail or wholesale, any other services, such as workshops, exhibition space, commissions, etc?

Anything else?
We are always on the look-out for interesting articles about Textiles in Ireland. Even if you don’t actually do textiles but have an interest in history, preservation, tools and tales associated with this beautiful craft, why not share this information with us.

One more thing...

Please try to write the information exactly as you would like to see it online. Spell-check it before sending it on, and check all the information, website addresses and links are correct.
We would currently like the articles to be submitted as an email, but if you cant, an attached Word Doc is fine, only jpeg photo's will be accepted. We work on a volunteer basis, so editing time is limited and we cannot be made responsible if wrong information is given. Your information should be up within a few days, so check back and see if it is correct. If you have any problems or are unhappy with the article, please contact us immediately.

By sending in an article or photographs you give consent for it to be published, and for any minor editing that might be necessary. You will, however, retain full rights to your article and your photographs

For more info email us at


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is this just for wool textiles? it sounds like this is just for knitters...
I have a list of fabric/quilt shops in Ireland that I would be happy to contribute, if the "Textiles" includes all types of fiber.


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