Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our First Scoop!!

What a Grand Opening this is. We have our first scoop!

WW has just heard that Innocent Smoothies Ireland has decided
to run the Big Knit 2008 campaign in Ireland
for the very first time.

What is the Big Knit?
The Big Knit is a campaign where Innocent, Topaz and the charity Age Action join forces to help older people in Ireland keep warm during the cold winter months. The campaign has succesfully been run in the UK for a few years now.

What do they do?
They put little woolly hats on their smoothie bottles in Topaz stores from 5th November 2008, and for every hat-wearing smoothie sold, innocent and Topaz give €1 to Age Action.

Where does the money go?
The money raised from the Big Knit will go towards providing support to older peopld, including care and repair programmes and advice on how to keep houses warm during the winter

What is the Target?
The Target is 20,000 little woolly hats, which will mean,
€20,000 raised for Age Action Ireland!

When is this happening, and how can I find out more about it?
Keep an eye on their website
They are aiming to put all the info up on their website and blog on
Monday 29th September.
There will be knitting news, downloadable resources and a hat-o-meter so you can keep track of how they're doing.

What can I do?
Every hat counts, so dig our your needles, get those odd ends of wool and start making hats. They will have patterns up on the webite, but we're put up a few here to to get you started.
If you are in a knitting group, womens group, book club, or you run the local after-schools club, work at a retirement home, anything, why not devote just a few minuites to making some of whese wonderful little hats, and raise money for a good cause. If you are a beginner, they are a great fun way to practise your knitting. If there are any local knitting groups, go along, and someone will be willing to teach you.

What else?
Its not just knitting, crocheted hats are fine. Any type, colour, shape of hat are all accepted. Be adventerous, why not try to make themed hats, here are a few examples...

What is the deadline and where do I send them?

The deadline for sending the hats to Fruit Towers is the 22nd of October, so get going, and get creative. They even have plans to give out lots of little prizes for the most creative. So, get knitting!!

When you have made your hats, please send your them to:

The Big Knit
innocent drinks
Fruit Towers
46 Mountjoy Square
Dublin 1

Please put your name, address, phone number/email address with the hats and also the number of hats.

If you’re holding a knit-in or have any stories about your hats please do let
Big Knit Jules know at

Or call the banana phone on 01 879 6600
she always loves a bit of wool related gossip.

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