Saturday, February 14, 2009

UN International Year of Natural Fibre

2009 has been designated by the UN as International Year of Natural Fibres

  • Raise awareness and stimulate demand for natural fibres;
  • Promote the efficiency and sustainability of the natural fibres industries;
  • Encourage appropriate policy responses from governments to the problems faced by natural fibre industries;
  • Foster an effective and enduring international partnership among the various natural fibres industries.

Check out the website for a wealth of information, and also for a Calender of Events
They also give some great links to other major textile websites.


It was while looking for info on this I came across Keep the Fleece

They are organising an international competition, The Longest Scarf, to raise 250K for the largest fiber flock in the world in partnership with Heifer International.

A team is made up of five or more knitters, crocheters, felters or weavers. Each team needs at least one captain (someone to take responsibility for signing the team up on Keep the Fleece and Heifer International and for making sure the money raised gets sent to Heifer International). Start by signing the team up on Keep the Fleece( and Heifer International (, follow the link to “Team Heifer.")

Anyone interested is to email them to register your team. more info here

Heifer International is very similar to our own Bother, but on a bigger scale.
They run programmes to help people around the world obtain a sustainable source of food and income.


india said...

while rummaging around the internet attempting to plot a wandering of Ireland i discovered your blog...i'll be back frequently!
and of course anything you post in regard to plant dyes or art textiles will be avidly read...

Welcome, Fáilte said...

thanks! its great to get feedback. A quick look at your blog however, I think you know more about plant dyes thaen I ever could!!


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