Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Few New Features!

We have added a few new features to our little blog, which we hope will make it more accessible, readable, and most important user-friendly. Here they are...

Woolly Way Stuff
This is a new section, which features our specially tailored Woolly Way Stuff. Our Textile Map, our new Calender, and our Forum.

New Calender

Instead of our poor neglected Diary Dates, we have created a Calender. You can now easily search for workshops, classes, exhibitions, etc, each month. Just click on the event that interests you and up will pop all the details. All the details are there, eg, the when, the where and who. It is also linked up to google maps, and even better our very own Textile Map, so you can get directions to the venue . (Brilliant, thank you Google!)

You can currently view it under Calender 2009, the old Diary Dates 09, or view it in Google Calender here...If you would like to add an event, simply email us the details

New Search
This blog started because there was nowhere to get info on all the various textile happenings in Ireland. What to see, what to do, etc, but as it is growing fast, with new posts almost daily, it can be a bit of a trawl to get through all the info. So, we have added a new Search feature. This will allow you to search for a particular item, link or website. For example, type in the word Felt, and it will give you a list of all the blog posts with the word felt, and all the other blogs and websites we have linked to.

New Followers

We were in two minds about whether to add a Followers section. Mainly because we didn't expect any! So, for the 5 followers that managed to follow without the handy follow button. We give you a big Thank You! We are very pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that return to read out humble blog, and this new feature is a salute to you...

Please bear with us, as we learn and update our new gadgets...

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