Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More on International Year of Natural Fibres

It's disappointing that there is not one official event in Ireland to celebrate UN International Year of Natural Fibres. (Here's a previous blog post about IYNF).

So, maybe we should have lots of little unofficial events. Earlier this year the Dublin Knit Collective organised a little swop, The Dublin DishCloth and Fairtrade Swop, to raise ecological and ethical awareness of products and goods in Ireland. They organised it through Ravelry. It was there first time organising a swop, and it was a great idea.

So, maybe we all could do something. If you are part of a knitting/spinning/patchwork group, why not have a Fairtrade/Natural Fibre Day. If you are an individual, go into your local yarn or fabric shop and ask about Fairtrade/Natural Fibre products. The more people that ask, the more freely available it will become.

Let us know if you are doing anything, and how it all worked out!

Watch this interesting video on YouTube all about IYNF.

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