Friday, January 1, 2010


OK folks, the New Year is upon us, the Woolly Way has had a long break, and its time to get the ball rolling again...

Just to remind you about our services...

Event Guide:
If you are running any kind of textile event, simply email us the details, with a contact number, and also a nice jpeg image or photo you have it.. Its that simple!   Email: woollywayATgmailDOTcom
Diary Dates 

If you know of a venue that hosts textile events, a museum that has some textile interest , open farm, textile studio, let us know and we will post it on the Map.

Our very unused forum is still there....If you want to chat/post more detailed info, buy or sell, please use the Forum.

 Help Desk
We calling it the Help Desk, because we can't think of another name for it  yet....If you would like to run a workshop, event, charity event with a textile slant, get in touch. We will help in any way we can...Whether its simple logistics to finding the right teacher.

Please give at least 5 working days for the event to be listed. We will notify you when it is up on the blog.


Although we have no complaints so far (phew!!) of inaccurate information being listed, please remember we are only human, and rely purely on the correct information being given to us. Also, even spell-check does not correct grammer errors made late at night...

That's it! Again, thanks for reading, and getting in touch. And all comments (bar any kind of spam ones) are always appreciated....

Also find us on 

Twitter - Join our Woolly Way twibes group - tweet us your events!
Flickr - Show us your photos...
Delicious - We bookmark any textile news, events, websites that we come across.

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