Friday, January 1, 2010

Update on Irish Crocheted Coral Reef

According to the Science Gallery website, the dates for the International Crocheted Coral Reef  Exhibition have been set for  25th March – 28th May 2010

The Deadline Date for receiving coral is  20th February 2010

If you have been making coral already,or would like to get start involved, you can read our previous posts (and plea's!) on the project here WE NEED YOU TO CROCHET

When you have your coral made, you can deliver or post them to:

Science Gallery,
Trinity College,
Pearse Street,
Dublin 2

Please include your name and address in with your coral, as all the contributors will be listed at the exhibition. (And also there is a rumour of a special opening for all the crocheters, so they will need your address for the invitation!!)


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