Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Urban Knit Limerick, Opens 13th May 2010

After months of hard work by artist, Eilish Tuite, and thousands of volunteer knitters, 'Urban Knit Limerick', will open on 13th May 2010, at 2pm, Bedford Row, Limerick. 

"'Urban Knit Limerick' is a large public art work, it is a warm Knitted Blanket that is going to cover an empty building in Limerick City. It will be on display for two weeks. So please come and see this very unusual Art work."

Eilish is studying sculpture in Limerick School of Art and Design. Her project, "Urban Knit Limerick" was about more than just knitting. "It involves participants in social engaging Art and places community involvement in pride of place". Well done to Eilish, for creating and successfully completeting a fantastic textile project, which, literally, got the nation stitching.

"Urban Knit Limerick" is sponsored by Vodafone and Creative Limerick. And supported by Shuttle Knit, Sign Dynamics and P.B.C LTD.

Urban Knit Limerick on Facebook 


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