Monday, June 14, 2010

The Irish Innocent Smoothie Big Knit 2010

 keeping older people in Ireland warm this winter

The Irish Innocent Smoothie Big Knit 2010 has just been launched. We love this project, for several reasons. Apart from the fact it's a fundraising project for a great charity Age Action Ireland, apart from the fact, it's a great way to get people knitting (and crocheting!), The Big Knit, was one of the first projects we posted on the Woolly Way Blog, back in 2008...

 Here’s the detail about this year's Big Knit. 

Fancy helping older people in Ireland keep warm this winter? Then all you need to do is knit some little woolly hats for our innocent smoothie bottles. For every behatted bottle sold in store, we - that's innocent - will give 25c to Age Action. We're aiming to knit 80,000 little hats this year, so we'd love you to get knitting. 

It's a sad fact that every year in Ireland around 2000 people over the age of 65 die from cold related conditions. This is where your knitted goods come in. All monies raised from the innocent Big Knit this year will go towards supporting Age Action to help keep older people in Ireland warm.

Once you're done knitting, you'll need to get the hats over to us. We've got prizes for best creative hat, best bobble hat and best group effort, so make sure to include a little note with every package stating:
  • How many hats you've knitted
  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Your email address
  • And the date you've sent stuff in

Then just pop them in the post to the address below so they reach us by the deadline Friday 3rd September.

innocent Big Knit 2010, 
Fruit Towers,
120/121 Lower Baggot Street, 
Dublin 2

If you've got any questions, tips or wool-related gossip, drop us a line at or give the banana phone a call on 01 6644100.

Check out the Innocent Smoothie website for more information, downloadable knitting patterns, entry forms, and lots more.

There are other ways to connect with the Big Knit:   
Visit the Innocent Smoothie Blog

You can chat to other knitters on Ravelry Irish Big Knit 2010. (You must sign in, but it's free!)


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