Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wool Craft Village at the Roscommon Lamb Festival

Wool Craft Village in the Festival Marquee

New to the Lamb Festival this year is the Wool Craft Village which will take place in the Festival Marquee on the Square. There will be much to see and do, exhibitors selling specialist supplies for all your knitting needs, sheep shearing demonstrations, an interactive knitting circle and numerous demonstrations from leading artists and groups to introduce you to lots of new techniques with wool.

Highlights of the Wool Craft Village include:

• Wool Village Market with experts selling all types of wool, patterns & pattern books, needles & accessories for all your knitting/crochet needs.
• Demonstrations in feltmaking, weaving, knitting, natural dyeing of wool and crochet throughout the afternoon.
• A group of spinners spinning the freshly sheared wool for knitting and you will have the opportunity to join in and learn how to spin yourself.
• Members of the Roscommon knitting circle, The Cast Offs, will form a large knitting circle which you can join in on. Some wool and needles will be available but if you have any of your own be sure to cast on and come along! We hope to have enough knitted/crocheted squares to stitch together and display at the end of the festival.
• Fibre Artist Fran Crowe will demonstrate her tapestry weaving and also natural dyeing of wool.
• Merrove Guiren will be running an interactive weaving demonstration.

Anyone interested in taking part in the Wool Village, can contact michelle
E: michelleATmichellemadethisDOTcom

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