Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog Awards Ireland 2012

In this weeks Crafts Council of Ireland ezine, there is a little error. They have us listed as having won the Blogs Ireland Award. As much as we'd love it, we haven't...We have been shortlisted, (see side panel for the 'ohh, we've been shortlisted'). The finalists hasn't been announced yet. We have emailed them to point out the error, and have suggested they write a little piece about craft bloggers in the future, (about how great we are!).

There are some fantastic other craft bloggers in the category, and each one not only deserves to win, but to be praised for the amazing work they do in promoting crafts in Ireland. Some are trying to eek out a living in these incredibly hard times, some are just spreading the love. More credit and appreciation should be given to craft bloggers as the majority of us use our spare time, valuable crafting time, to promote our various fields and interests.

Here are the finalists in the category, give each one a visit, a like, a comment (we love comments, especially nice comments). Its also going to start something we've been meaning to get together for ages, a list of Irish textile bloggers.

So good luck to each and every one of you. Pat yourself on the back, for working tirelessly for the cause!

1 comment:

Michelle Fallon said...

Good luck to everyone, it's fantastic to find so many like mindedeople :0). Michelle x


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