Monday, February 24, 2014



I've been trying to find a background image that will suit the blog and have failed miserably. Nothing seems to suit it, so I've decided to use this opportunity to do something I had intended on doing ages ago. This blog was set up to unite and promote the textile folk of Ireland, to get Textile and Fibre Artists out there, to share the love...

So, instead of having a permanent background, I'm going to use it to promote our wonderful artists and groups. Each month (or thereabouts!), I'm going to turn the spotlight on a craftsperson, exhibition or event, run a profile, add pictures, and use one image as the background of the blog. (Images for the blog background must be of good quality)

If you are interested in being 'in the spotlight' or would like to tell us about your work, or if you would like to write a preview/review of their work, event, exhibition, etc, anything with a textile nature, please get in touch! Simply email

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