Friday, April 11, 2014

XXIV Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas

 Last year, I was lucky enough to attend the Symposium for Young Lacemakers in Italy, this year I am delighted to be invited to XXIV Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas, in North Western Spain for a 4 day festival of Lace. Hence, the lack of updates for the best part of April!

I will be exhibiting my own work in lace but also advocating the wonderful lace community in Ireland. On display will be images, books and information about lacemakers and events happening in Ireland.  

I'm super nervous and excited about this trip. It'll be a jam-packed week of meeting new people from all over the world, there are attendees from over 12 countries, from Portugal, Russia, to Brazil. I am completely honored to be the Irish attendee and just wish I had more time (years!!) to make the lace I would love to make and show at an event like this. So, I'm calling this a test run, opening connections between Ireland and Galicia not just for me, but for other lacemakers. I hope from next week onwards, there will be an Irish lacemaker at this event every year.  

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