Friday, June 20, 2014

Kalopsia Collective, Scotland


I recently came across Kalopsia, a new collective of textile artists based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Immediately I was awestruck (and I'll admit, with a slight hint of jealousy!) with the professionalism, the wide ranging variety of textile medium they are working with, and even their beautifully designed posters!

Reading the About page on their website, it struck such a cord. ..."It was after their first textile exhibitions in the UK and Scandinavia that they realised the lack of space for contemporary textiles within the art community and the general lack of understanding of what textiles can be"... 

It is one of the reasons this blog was set up, not just to highlight what is going on in the Irish textile world, but to try and link up with what is going on internationally. There are so few opportunities to exhibit textiles in Ireland, as I feel, we are still stuck in the debatable Great Art/Craft Divide. I strongly encourage all Irish Textile artists to look abroad for opportunities to exhibit, and top of the list is not the Kalopsia Collective  They are the most contemporary exhibition space I have seen to date. They are pushing the boundaries, to use their words "...with an unique and different approach to Textiles...they work with everything from system design, video installations, traditional weaving to performance art..."

They  represent a fantastic opportunity for all textile artists, not just to show their work, but to network and share our love of all things fibre. A very exciting development, and we really wish them all success.

Definitely a collective to keep your eye on and also support, find them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter. And also, check out their website:   

I know I'm a bit of a font/design geek, but seriously, Kalopsia, your posters are fabulous!

38 Castle TerraceEdinburghEH3 9SJ Scotland

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