Friday, October 29, 2010

‘The Human Cost of War: An Exhibition of Quilts and Arpilleras, Northern Ireland

 ‘The Human Cost of War: An exhibition of Quilts and Arpilleras’ will open at the Tower Museum on Thursday, 4th November 2010, at 12.30 pm

This exhibition was originally on display in the Imperial War Museum in November 2009. Commissioned by the Movement for the Abolition of War. The exhibition includes a selection of textile pieces created by women from across the world. The textile pieces address various forms of conflict and war as experienced by women from across the globe. The exhibiton will run for 2 months at The Tower Museum.

They are running a series of textile workshops to coincide with the exhibition:

The Threads of Destiny

Date: Thursday, 4 November 2-5pm
The aim of this workshop is to make small balls of wool, with threads from old and significant materials. After felting we will make a necklace or personal memento. Participants are asked to bring threads of significant materials, a towel and a bowl to place water.

An Emotional View of Evacuation in War time
Date: Friday, 5 November 10-3pm
This workshop will explore the different ways of making figures in arpilleras. The aim of the workshop is to make a single piece with figures made in different styles on a plain background showing a variety of emotions. Participants are asked to bring a sewing kit, pencil and notebook. Please bring a packed lunch

Make Do and Mend
Date: Saturday, 6 November 10-3pm
This workshop will focus on how women coped with WW2 rationing using the “Make Do and Mend” pamphlets. Everyone will make a small arpilliera showing a way of making do or mending. Participants are asked to bring a small pair of scissors, needles, reel of cotton, note book and pencil. Please bring a packed lunch.

Lost Children of War
Date: Tuesday, 9 November 10-3pm
This workshop will focus on the experiences of children during war and conflict. It will look at issues of displacement and evacuation, fear, grief and the militarisation of the young. We will create small arpilleras, on interpretations of these themes. Participants should bring needles, scissors and any scraps of fabric that might be persly meaningful.

Men’s Insights into Women’s War Textiles
Date: Friday, 12 November 10.30-2pm
An opportunity for men to reflect on ‘The Human Cost of War’ exhibition, including a guided tour by the curator. The session will reflect on what has been seen and, on the work of women through their arpilleras and quilts, and gender dimensions of the topics concerned.
Following the Thread
Date: Friday, 5 November– 3- 5.30pm
Twenty textile workshops on the theme of Heritage ran from October 2009 and culminated in an exhibition of personal arpilleras at the World Museum Liverpool in June 2010. The project worked with children, Irish social groups, ESL community centres and visitors to the museum. The focus of this discussion will be the exploration of themes that emerged during the course of the project.

There will be other talks and tours about the exhibition, you can read the full listing here. Places are limited, booking required for all events.

Contact: Margaret Edwards, Harbour Museum
11.30am every Friday from 12 November until 17 December 2010

T: 028 7137 7331

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